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    The purpose of this site is to try and shed some light on the subject of and provide information on CLASS ACTION LAWSUITS.

    An effort is made to include particular actions for which inquiries or information for on-going class actions in the United States are recieved. Feel free to email your inquiries to ask for inclusion of such information.

    The courts around the country are starting to require postings to the internet of various class action lawsuits.It should be noted that much useful information can be obtained from the online news media via their news and news archives.This often requires registering and paying a fee, but this is often times worth the monies to keep informed.

    Many of the on-going actions in the courts affect a particular industry, i.e. insurance, tobacco, brokerage houses, etc....Please remember, if you have a particular case or interest which is not listed on our site, please contact my team and we will update the site or supply the information to you directly.

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